Organisational Constellation (Package)

Organisational Constellation (Package)

Welcome to the Organisational Constellation package (buy 2 get one free deal)
1. A real of Organisational Constellations with
2. Missing Body with Dr Jane Peterson - filmed at conference
3. Organisational Constellation - a comprehensive overview of how Systemic Constellations differ from Family Constellations with Dr Jane Peterson

Organisational Constellation (Package)
  • A Real Case of Organisation Constellations

  • The Missing Body In Organizations

    Inspired by an article Jane wrote: 'The Case of the Missing Body in Organisations'
    - the body provides a lot of information
    - tell us a lot about what is going on in an organisation
    - yet the body doesn't have the same language as our left hemisphere to describe what the experience is

  • Organizational Constellations

    Jane was a Manufacturing Engineer & Manager for 8 years for Tektronix, has worked in the arts, as a website designer and now travels the world training constellation facilitators. Jane works with companies worldwide to address the relationship and systemic dynamics to improve the organisations cu...